The Albert Construction


A typical Albert 1941 handmade suit, shirt or coat is made using some of the worlds finest cloth. Our Master cutter/tailor has over 40 years of experience in suit making. Each Albert tailored piece is made with heavy influence from 1940’s British style. From the design stage to the final piece we leave no stone unturned, ensuring the most classic yet stylish pieces you can find.


Handmade shoes are a very rare entity in todays shoe market. When creating a pair of Albert 1941 shoes our main enthuses is design & comfort. Our head artisan creates each shoe using the finest materials. Our shoes are constructed using the “Bologna” method.

The Bologna shoemaking method ensures the leather upper to be wrapped around the bottom and sewn up. Then the sole is sewn directly to the upper. So, no sole touching your feet. Just soft leather all the way around your foot.


Our leather range is made using the finest Italian lamb leather. All leather items are handmade with extra detail and highest quality hard wear.